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From Concept to Reality: Real-life sustainability and ESG case studies on realizing the promise of generative AI

Posted Mar 14, 2024 | Views 417
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AI holds great promise: Better answers. Saving time. Driving revenue. Until now, these promises have been largely conceptual, especially when applied to specific verticals such as sustainability and ESG. In this webinar, sustainability, legal, investor relations and finance professionals will demonstrate how concepts turned into reality through tangible case studies from their peers on how they are leveraging AI.

Webinar participants will learn how AI can help:

  • Respond to questions from investors, customers, and executives
  • Prepare for global regulations
  • Research peer activities and best practices

Join us for this multi-faceted conversation to help professionals who are involved in their company’s ESG and sustainability programs take advantage of this transformative technology, understand what AI is replacing in current workflows, and how to budget for AI initiatives.


  • Lori Gustavus, Director, Europe, GreenBiz Group


  • Mike Stiller, New Initiatives, Capital Access Platforms, Nasdaq
  • Natasha Tuck, Director, Sustainability & ESG, Dolby Laboratories, Inc.
  • Mike Schwartz, Director, Sustainability, Republic Services, Inc.
  • Felipe de Souza, Director, Investor Relations, Loblaw Companies Limited
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