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Trends, Challenges & Disclosures: Scope 3 Readiness Insights

Posted Mar 21, 2024 | Views 760
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Seeking to gain control in the complex world of Scope 3 emissions? You're not alone. Managing indirect emissions throughout your value chain poses a significant challenge, but it's also essential for achieving true sustainability objectives. Tackling Scope 3 is more important than ever to prepare for new emission disclosure regulations, including California’s SB 253, 261 and the recent regulations’ updates from the US SEC published on March 6th, 2024.

This webinar sheds light on the ever-evolving landscape of Scope 3 preparedness. We'll explore new emission disclosure policies, uncover valuable peer insights, and equip you with actionable strategies to:

Demystify Scope 3 complexities: Gain a clear understanding of different categories, methodologies, and best practices. Navigate the evolving regulatory landscape: Stay ahead of emerging requirements and disclosure frameworks including California SB 253, 261, and the recent regulations’ updates from the US SEC published on March 6th, 2024. Benchmark your progress: See how your efforts compare against industry peers and leading organizations. Gain valuable peer insights: Learn from real-world experiences and successes shared by sustainability leaders. Uncover practical solutions: Discover effective tools and approaches to measure, reduce, and report Scope 3 emissions. No matter where you are in the maturity of your Scope 3 journey, you’ll gain valuable insight into your approach by joining this webinar. So, plan to learn more with your peers and arm yourself with the confidence to navigate the Scope 3 maze effectively.


  • Margaret Morales, Director, Carbon, GreenBiz Group


  • Michael Bruce, Sr. Solution Consultant, Sphera
  • Sean Daley, Director, Consulting, Sphera
  • Aaron Ling, Sustainability Director, Sustana
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