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Accelerating Climate Action with Diversified Carbon Removal Portfolios

Posted Feb 28, 2024 | Views 609
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Chief Sustainability Officers and their other C-Suite peers are entrusted with developing companies’ net zero strategies while optimizing budgets and mitigating risks. The urgency of climate action is compelling leaders to explore innovative solutions; this has brought carbon removal technologies to the center stage of the climate action discourse.

In this exclusive Rubicon Carbon webinar, we will embark on an educational journey through the landscape of carbon removal credits. Together, we will learn more about these technologies including nature-based and engineered carbon removals, articulate the challenges faced by both buyers and developers today, and discuss the pathways toward realizing a world in which carbon dioxide is not only reduced but actively removed from the atmosphere, helping us to reach our net-zero ambitions.

Our esteemed panel of climate and sustainability experts from Rubicon Carbon, Bain, and Chooose will provide invaluable insights and actionable carbon removal strategies and solutions, equipping you with the insight to harness the power of carbon removals to drive climate action, leaving a lasting impact on the world we strive to protect.

You’ll walk away with a deeper understanding of:

    • Carbon removals technologies including how they work, their impact, pricing spectrum and their role in climate action
    • Industry challenges across the carbon removals landscape
    • The role that innovative solutions such as diversified portfolios, active management, and risk adjustment play in your net zero journey
    • How large enterprises are approaching leveraging carbon removal solutions as part of enterprise wide carbon offsetting and broader sustainability strategies


    • Margaret Morales, Director, Carbon, GreenBiz Group


    • Nina Birger, VP, Climate Solutions, CHOOOSE
    • Amishi Kumar Claros, Head of Removals and Industrials, Rubicon Carbon
    • Sam Israelit, Partner and Chief Sustainability Officer, Bain & Company
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