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Future-Proof Carbon Removal Strategies That Make an Impact

Posted Jun 13, 2024 | Views 189
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Carbon removal—especially durable solutions—will be increasingly essential to meet global climate targets, but today’s voluntary carbon market lacks the supply of high-quality, durable solutions needed to meet climate goals.

To meet that challenge, a few private sector leaders are already transforming the market by investing in multi-year purchasing, focusing on scalable, high-quality nature-based solutions now, while securing supply of durable engineered removals that will make an impact in the future.

In this GreenBiz webcast, experts from Carbon Direct will share how you stay ahead of stakeholder demands, maximize your impact, and show your climate leadership with a future-proofed carbon credit purchasing strategy.

Attendees will learn:

  • Strategies that help you balance the immediate need for quality carbon removal while planning for future supply
  • How to budget for and secure durable & innovative carbon removal solutions
  • Ways to communicate your climate leadership and prove value based on current and future stakeholder expectations


  • Margaret Morales, Director of Carbon, GreenBiz Group


  • Julio Friedmann, Cheif Scientist, Carbon Direct
  • James Burbridge, Director, North America Advisory, Carbon Direct
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