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Leading Trends in Supplier Diversity: Your 2024 Roadmap to Success

Posted Mar 07, 2024 | Views 156
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Get ready to navigate the new nuances, challenges and opportunities that 2024 brings to your diverse supplier program. In this webinar we’ll review the comprehensive research just completed from top-performing supplier diversity programs and share specific company examples with actionable insights to enhance your supplier diversity program. Whether optimizing procurement processes, fostering inclusive partnerships, or capitalizing on emerging opportunities, this webinar equips you with the knowledge and tools to propel your growth in the coming year.

Best practices for 2024 that we’ll discuss include:

  • Ensure data accuracy - more depends on it now than ever before!
  • Provide more context for results – Help your leaders better understand risks and opportunities.
  • Partner even closer with your business unit peers – this is critical!
  • Plan even further in advance – how you can grow in 2024 and beyond


  • Jon Smieja, VP, Circularity, GreenBiz


  • Lois Eichacker, VP of Customer Success,
  • Daniel Dorr, VP of Marketing,
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